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About Us


Who We Are

Proteligent is one of the most reliable and fastest-growing trading and investment platform, established by a team of professional traders focusing on crypto trading over multiple exchanges and markets, guaranteeing decent profits even to investors with zero knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. Proteligent is one of the fastest-growing trading companies, Headquartered in London, with branches located in other parts of the world. Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix Daily interest for investors regardless of the market conditions. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what constitutes the highest standards in Trade and asset management.

With over $5.3 Million traded daily in the market, we are committed to giving our clients their share of the profit daily. As a leading global market maker, Proteligent has one of the Largest Independent traders and fund managers with clients from different parts of the World. Today, as a successful trade investment and asset management company, we are trusted by millions of clients. Our sterling reputation, dedication to meeting our client's needs, and innovative approach to business development are some driving forces behind our success.

The goal of Proteligent is to provide its users with a unique, safe, and secure platform for their investments in the field of cryptocurrency. This is why we have used a cutting-edge platform with extensive infrastructure intended to make things more convenient.

Due to this technology, our platform is able to make it possible of providing real and steady profits on an ongoing daily basis.

At Proteligent, we commit to and offer clients of all levels of experience the opportunity to get rich and be successful in trading Crypto, Forex, and other assets. That's why we always try to expand our technical capabilities and financial turnover with the help of ASIC miners who have hands-on guaranteeing profit by generating cryptocurrencies. Proteligentd envisions widening the pool of investors by engaging in strategic mining and trading of cryptocurrencies.

Why Us?

Here are some of the many features that define our uniqueness.

24/7 Support

Our customer care service is always available 24/7 to attend to you and also offers profitable advice on the best investment programs.

Secured Transactions

Your financial future is highly assured and secured through our multiple investment packages that are suitable for every class. Instant payment 24/7.

Strong Security

Securing your funds is our priority. Our system is encrypted and protected with Comodo SSL Security, SSL encryption, and DDoS protection.

Quick Returns

The system runs on highly encrypted algorithms to protect and secure our user accounts. We have experienced security experts who are constantly fixing threats.

Our Knowledge

The team of technicians and the company's financial department are focused on guiding you on cryptocurrency trading over multiple Exchanges and markets.

Our Experience

We are a team of professional traders in Forex, Crypto trading, and real estate. We know how to grab a profit and provide you with all possible ways to earn money.